Varflex, a a long lasting ,respected american company. A Leader in protective sleeving shackling of power and was the first to produce fiberglass sleeving and Silicone coated sleeving

The sleeves are designed for industrial uses, military and aerospace, and are made from various materials including fiberglass, nylon, polypropylene, Dacron, Nomex and Kevlar

The company’s products are manufactured according to standards such as UL, CSA, RoHS and REAC

Varflex operates in nearly a hundred years and among others its values are ongoing customer guidance, stability, higher production quality and the use of representative offices throughout the world to provide the most accurate service to its customers

Range of products

Coated and uncoated Sleeveing

Extreme temperature resistant sleeving – low and high

Sleeving designed for lower voltages and higher

Sleeving for Environment protection chemicals and fuels

Textile yarns and sheets