A Spanish Catalan, European leader in the development and production of textile braid sleeving, self closing sleeving and flexible tubes for mechanical, thermal and electro-magnetic protection. The company’s products are manufactured from raw materials including polyamide (nylon), polyester, polyurethane, fiberglass, silicon, silica, aluminum and Nomex©

Relats products are used in power industry, renewable energy, trains and automobiles, aerospace, and therefore its products comply with the most stringent standards including UL, IEC and FAR25.

Relats established sixty years ago and retains the family character until today. As part of the expansion of the company is presently operates in five factories: UK, China, Mexico, Morocco and Catalonia Spain – Management. The company known for listening to its customers and continues to develop new products through research and technological innovation.

Range of products
Plastic mesh sleeves
Braided sleeves- huge range of variations
Ducts and sleeves thermal protections
Ducts and sleeves for protection EMI RFI Communications
Sleeves for aircraft wiring