Physical Protections

More than one hundred of plastic and metallic flexible conduits range, made by the world best manufacturers in a huge variety of uses and any existing standard

For mechnical protection, machines and harsh conditions as well delicate apparatuses, high flexiblity for robotics application (millions of reversed bending), clean rooms, food or medicine industries, thousands types of connectors and accessories

Braided sleeves, sleeves in a large variety of materials including any available standard includes aerospace standards
Sleeves in a large range for any use and any environment, zippered sleeves, open sleeves,unique shrink sleeves, split sleeves, high temperature resistance as well as various different environmental conditions

Plastic and metals cable entries (glands) of any kind, for any environment and any common screw types. Waterproof to IP69 levels
Nuts and accessories from plastic and metal in all shapes and sizes, edge accessories, docking solutions and grip, and accessories of every kind