An American company, the world’s largest producer of Textiles for weaving and braiding harnesses, Lacing Tape and plastic woven mesh sleeves

Breyden products are made from the finest ingredients including © Nomex, Teflon, Kevlar © fiber, fiberglass, nylon and polyester. The company’s products are widely used in the aerospace industry and in the automotive industry and therefore meet the standards required for military and civilian use

Breyden Products purchased the electronics department of a Gudebrod in 2011 which was until that period leading manufacture of Nomex cloth

Breyden Products believe their great strengths is the deep understanding of over fifty years in the development, manufacturing and marketing of fiber raw material selection and finishes with the involvement of adapting products to the needs of industrial development.Range of products

 ©Weaving yarns made of Nomex NOMEX

Weaving yarns additional materials: nylon, polyester, Kevlar KEVLAR ©, PTFE glass fiber

Wire binding Lacing Tape

Plastic mesh sleeves

Textiles woven mesh sleeves