BIMED is a European company, based in Germany and Turkey with a branch in the US. manufactures cable glands, fittings and other cable and wires accessories and equipment of the highest levels of quality.
The company’s products are suitable for use in diverse environmental conditions and meet standards such as UL, CSA, EX, DVE, CE, FDA, etc.

BIMED established some forty years ago and is a family owned and run. It currently operates from multiple centers in Europe and the U.S. Its primary puts emphasis on innovation, engineering support and full compatibility with customer needs.

Range of products:
Polyamide and brass cable glands and accessories.
Polyamide and brass Ex Cable glands for all types of explosive environments.
EMC shielded cable glands.
Metal fittings to liquidtite conduit.
Fittings to plastic conduits.
Ventilation plugs and accessories.
Gas cylinders.
Disposable equipment, syringes to medical industry