About Us

Avron advanced electrical equipments Ltd is a professional company.
It is a leader in the field of cable protection systems and wiring solutions in Israel, and supplies all solutions around the cable.

Avron exclusively represents more than 20 international leading manufacturers in Israel. All of them are in the field of cable protection and wiring.

Most of the manufacturers we are working with are the top world leaders in the field, and produce best quality equipment under the highest standards compliance.

Avron’s varied activities enable it to serve customers in a broad spectrum of areas – from the military and defense sectors, governmental, medical, hi – tech, food factories, electronics, heavy industries as well as infrastructure, and building constructions.

Avron is accredited and licensed as OEM designers and providers of the leading companies in Israel, including; Israel Aerospace Industries, Elta, military industry, Elbit, Rafael, Intel, GE, Hi- Tech companies, as well as all their sub- contractors, and contractors also out the country.

Areas of activity:

Physical protection and Robotics
Shielding and disturbances
Wire weaving and braided sleeving manufacture harnesses
Thermal protection
Explosive environments and chemicals protection
Green Energy and Solar Systems
Clean Room, Medical and Food Industry
Trains, ships and vehicles
Communication and communication infrastructure